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The premier escape games experience.
Choose an escape room if you dare. Can you escape?

The door closes behind you. The lock slides home. And you're-trapped. As the clock begins its countdown, the reality of the situation hits you. You've got one hour to work out what is in here, and how it can help you escape. Or the room will have you, forever...

These are more than just escape rooms. This is Escapologic®. Multiple rooms, completely immersive set design, fiendish mysteries, and authentic atmosphere combine to create the most realistic locked room escape challenges in the country. Designed to thrill, each game is spectacularly imagined down to the last detail.

Look closely. Everything is important.

Crack codes. Retrieve lost items. Build machines. Reveal hidden doors. Escapologic's locked room puzzles incorporate mental, physical, and behavioural tests. And every item, every detail on the walls, floors, and ceilings-it could all be part of the solution. The only thing you know for sure is that the clock won't stop ticking, no matter how long it takes you to piece together the mystery!

Thrilling, spooky, and completely convincing, Escapologic® sets the standard for other escape rooms. There are machines to operate, hidden switches to find, and codes to crack. Will you get to the answers in time?

You'll need to work together to solve the clues and break out of the amazingly realistic, detailed environments we've created in our escape rooms. Hundreds have tried, from big groups to couples. Plenty have succeeded, though not always on their first attempt. And many have failed...

Escapologic® is waiting for you. Dare you enter?

Have you got what it takes to escape?

Face the ticking clock inside a room filled with mystery, puzzles and secrets. Work together to undercover hidden rooms and passageways while you to attempt to pull off a dramatic escape from one of our unique Escape Rooms!

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Friends & Family

What's better than travelling to another world with your friends and family? Take on new challenges and work together in one of our amazing experiences, or go head to head, taking on multiple rooms at the same time! Have you got what it takes?

Colleagues & Team Building

Try something different at Escapologic®! We can provide a perfect opportunity for your staff to establish roles, build strong relationships and achieve group goals but with a difference!

How it works

Assemble Your Team.

Choose wisely, or the room will win... To beat the puzzles in Escapologic®, you'll need a team built to overcome any challenge, physical or mental.

Select your room.

Which game will you play? All of our scenarios are immersive, atmospheric and suspenseful. Choose between an abandoned steampunk inspired laboratory or a horror-filled butcher!


The door opens... Your team is given its first glimpse of the mystery that awaits... You go inside, and the lock clicks shut behind you...


Now you've got one hour to break the codes, solve the riddles and escape! Will you lead your team to safety - or will Escapologic® claim another victim?

Who is it for?

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Stag & Hen Parties

An awesome centrepiece for your stag or hen party, the Escapologic® escape games will raise the adrenaline levels to maximum! Against totally immersive rooms and puzzles, those hangovers don't stand a chance...

Team Building

Uncover new skills, discover natural leaders and watch your team grow into its full potential. When the door locks, only the collaborators will make it out!

Party Occasions

Do something different for your special occasion! Perfect for red letter days, big celebrations or just as a surprise gift for a suspense junkie, Escapologic® is truly memorable.


You've played the classics: now play the real thing! Escapologic® is the ultimate gamer's paradise, a real-life locked room as detailed and dramatic as anything you've seen.

Check out our games at both escape room locations
Nottingham Location
21-23 Castle gate,
NG1 7AQ,
England, UK
*Please note the Nottingham entrance is on stanford street
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Leicester Location
2B St. Martins,
LE1 5DB,
England, UK

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Can you escape Escapologic?
Two locations. Twelve Rooms.
You. Your Team. Can you escape?
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