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Welcome to our world! The Escapologic blog is a mine of information on all things escape room. News, reviews, interviews, opinions, unconference updates - you'll find them all here. Whether you're new to the world of escape games or are well and truly hooked, we aim to make this blog the place to come for your weekly fix.

Books With Feather Pen

Pace or Race – Travelling Long Distances for Escape Rooms

For those who have been bitten with the escape room bug, one of the most exciting parts of this is hunting out new venues to scratch that puzzle solving itch. Re-challenging the..

Author: Barry O'Neil Date Posted: 10-12-2019 Read More
Space Man

There's a star man, waiting in the sky

Have you ever been intrigued about our planet and how it fits in to the solar world?How likely it is that life exists on other planets, how worm holes are formed, whereour solar..

Author: Barry O'Neil Date Posted: 26-09-2018 Read More
Crowd Behind Barriers

Somebody is walking over my grave!

The rather odd expression 'somebody just walked over my grave!' is usually uttered when a person experiences a cold, sudden shudder. So why do people say it? It stems from an ol..

Author: Barry O'Neil Date Posted: 05-09-2018 Read More
Field With Lake

Escape Room 101

There are many assumptions about escape rooms which make people reticent to try one. Here we set the record straight! Locked in? In a great deal of escape ro..

Author: Barry O'Neil Date Posted: 15-08-2018 Read More
Think Outside The Box

Show or Tell?

When you think of a job interview what springs to mind? For the candidate perhaps a nervous walk to a vacant chair, consideration of how firm the handshake, how to formulate the..

Author: Barry O'Neil Date Posted: 07-08-2018 Read More
Man With Torch

This is What it is Like to Play an Escape Room

One hour to get out of an escape room. How hard could it possibly be? Pretty tricky as it turned out! The first time I did it there were five of us in an escape room best descri..

Author: Barry O'Neil Date Posted: 02-06-2016 Read More
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