Contraption - Nottingham Welcome to the machine...

Can you escape the Contraption

Strange machinery breathes in the stillness of the laboratory. Bubbles rise in a mysterious green liquid. Cogs click. Gears clank. And in the air, the unmistakable sound of fear...

As your breathing stills and your pulse slows to normal, you take a look around. What happened here? Somebody left the room in a hurry. But why? Your eyes grow accustomed to the dim, dusty light, and you begin to make out the discarded pieces of arcane mechanisms. There has to be a pattern, a code, something to show you the way out.

Contraption was the first of our Nottingham escape rooms, and its fiendish ingenuity has given it legendary status. Can you put the clues together before the clock hits zero?

Employ a combination of wits, nerve and inspiration to beat the machine and find your way out. With false steps at every corner, willing you to fail, the only way to outwit Contraption is to work together. Use your team's individual skills to solve physical and mental puzzles, crack cryptic codes, and unravel the secret escape route left by the mysterious inventor.

Solve the riddle, or the last sound you’ll hear will be the cogs of the lock, as they turn and seal you in forever. 

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