Reactorvate - Nottingham

Don't go out with a bang...

You are entering an abandoned nuclear power plant on the small island nation of Stokovia, a country plagued with power issues, rolling blackouts and civil unrest. 30 years ago the people of Stokvia were promised clean and efficient power from DAN CORP, an independent nuclear plant contractor. This was the lifeline that the country needed.

But once the plant was built it was quickly abandoned after a “meltdown”. Now guards roam the property and no one is allowed near. Rumours have been rife for years that the meltdown was faked and that DAN CORP’s eccentric owner, Dan Johnson, took Stokovia’s money and ran. With the help of Stokovian natives, your task is to break into the facility, start up the reactor, collect the data and prove DAN CORP was lying, while also bringing power to the people of Stokovia. You have only a one-hour window before the guards return… time is running out!

REACTORVATE is the tenth room at Escapologic Nottingham and immerses you in the dark and dingy atmosphere of an abandoned nuclear facility whilst also showing off some of our most impressive set and puzzle designs to date!

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