There's a star man, waiting in the sky

Have you ever been intrigued about our planet and how it fits in to the solar world?How likely it is that life exists on other planets, how worm holes are formed, whereour solar system fits into the known Universe, how cold it is on Mars and the mostfrequently asked question: how do astronauts go to the toilet in space?

Leicester is proud to be the home of the National Space Centre, where from anyroute into the city you are able to catch glimpses of the 42m high Rocket Tower!The iconic Rocket Tower is home to Blue Streak and Thor Able rockets, whichvisitors are able to see and explore up close. The National Space Centre alsohouses the Sir Patrick Moore planetarium, Apollo Lunar Lander as well as manytreasures from space flight and exploration such as real moon rock! The centre hashad many visits from astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin who was part of the Apollo11 crew famous for landing on the moon. Explore how they made that journey andsee Helen Sharman’s launch couch and spacesuit from her journey to become thefirst Briton in space.

Space Man

Whilst in Leicester, why not test your skills at the controls of another impressive featof engineering – a Russian nuclear reactor! At Escapologic, the cities mostimmersive escape rooms, we test many of the attributes of our famed astronauts –clear, logical thinking, strategy, working quickly under pressure and communicatingas part of a diverse team. One of our games, Reactorvate, tasks you with entering aderelict reactor and powering it up in the hope of exonerating your Great Uncle, aleading nuclear scientist. If history and rockets are more up your street, head backto 1942 with your crack team and become elite undercover WWII spies to unmaskOperation Magnus and stop a rocket launch before it’s too late!

Author: Barry O'Neil
Date Posted: 26-09-2018

One location. Eleven Rooms.
You. Your Team. Can you escape?
Magnifying Glass