Out of Office

A highly motivated, ambitious individual always eager to take on challenges and solve problems, who excels in building strong stakeholder relationships, team-work and strategic thinking. Sounds like a model employee? Traditionally, companies pour money into encouraging the growth of these types of skills either via traditional classroom-style courses where we expect employees to sit through a day of PowerPoint slides, whiteboards and flip-charts drudgery; or by forcing them to walk along a high-wire in front of jeering colleagues in the hope of some business- acumen epiphany! Imagine the possibility of building and improving these skills in a completely different way, something which will enhance the capabilities and positive characteristics of your team whilst simultaneously providing them with a fun, bonding experience.

Forbes.com describes team building as ‘The most important investment you’ll make’. Research shows that it builds trust, engages employees, increases team collaboration and collective responsibility, encourages communication and mitigates conflict.

High Five

Traditional team away days and team-building activities often fill employees with dread. Awkward or humiliating group physical activities or enforced chat at a company picnic or eatery. More recently innovative companies have used new types of team-building activities to gain the all benefits of a traditional away day whilst fully engaging their employees in a fun activity which allows bonding and teamwork to happen organically. In their article they advise a shift away from the traditionally corporate and oft-patronising team-lessons and to consider thrilling and adventurous situations which help the group gel naturally.

Team Fist Bump

According to team building experts, good team building days should achieve some of the following attributes:

Escapologic® escape rooms provide these benefits and many more. They offer businesses a unique way to enhance their teams’ communication, efficiency and morale. Well designed escape games encourage colleagues to interact with one another more effectively, learning to support each other’s strengths and weaknesses as they work cohesively towards one common, tangible goal. Escape Rooms employ a variety of puzzles and challenges to encourage teams to use time management skills, efficient working, delegation, critical and creative thinking and effective communication all whilst having a fun, unforgettable experience which will keep them talking for many months to come!

Not only will your teams unlock the door to the room, they’ll unlock the door to new professional relationships and collaborations, building upon skills which will shape their future career development, all whilst having an unforgettable day away.

Lock the computer, unlock their potential.

Author: Barry O'Neil
Date Posted: 06-08-2018

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You. Your Team. Can you escape?
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