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Freshers' activities don’t have to be boozy nights out that drain all your cash and leave you with a banging head! In fact, a 2019/2020 survey by Statista found that 30% of respondents aged 18-24 don’t drink alcohol at all, and with clean living a buzzing new trend, we’re seeing more and more young people opting for an alcohol-free lifestyle. Similarly, since 2015, the proportion of non-drinkers in England has increased by 3%, with 20% of adults (16+) not drinking alcohol at all (Source).

So, whether you don’t drink alcohol or are simply looking to make memories you’ll actually remember the next morning, our event experts at Escapologic are here to help with innovative alternative freshers' ideas that don’t involve drinking.

Join a club or society

University is a great time to join a club or society and meet like-minded people who enjoy and care for the same things you do. Many universities have everything from LGBTQ+ societies to skill-based societies, which are the perfect way to feel less alone while settling into your new surroundings instantly, and of course, make loads of new friends. If your university is hosting a ‘freshers fayre’, then make sure to check this out and go and take a look at any stalls set up by various societies!

Meals out

A perfect excuse to dress up - university cities are known for being home to many fantastic restaurants covering a range of cuisines. Going for a meal with your new flatmates is a great way to spend your first night together and will definitely help break the ice.

Escape rooms

This is a great activity to share with your new flatmates and really get to know them, see how well you can work together and find out each other's skills. It's also a fantastic way to know nice and early who in your house will solve any problems and who will save you all if there was ever an emergency. A perfect team-building activity, escape rooms encourage you to work together and communicate to succeed. Which is always needed to keep a happy Uni house.

Cafe crawls

An alcohol-free alternative to a pub crawl, a cafe crawl is when you hop from cafe to cafe in one location, such as in one city. It’s a great way to explore your new city, discover some cosy coffee shops and build relationships with your flatmates!

Themed nights

One of the best parts about moving away to university is living independently and finally having your own space (albeit sharing with your flatmates!). So take this opportunity for your flat to host different themed nights!

Some examples of themes include:


Cities are hives for gigs, and there’s usually always one on somewhere, no matter what night it is. From big-name bands at arenas to up-and-coming local artists at a local bar, attending gigs helps you feel part of the local music scene and is a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Sporting activities

From ten-pin bowling to putting together a five-a-side football team, you can do many different sports and activities if you want to keep active, enjoy yourself and get to know the people around you better.

Some activities that you might not have thought about as a sport include:


All in all, there are loads of things you can do during freshers that don’t involve alcohol!

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Author: Barry O'Neil
Date Posted: 20-09-2022

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