Leicester Escape Rooms The Best Escape Rooms In Leicester

Descend into the intoxicating mix of excitement, delirium, and suspense surrounding our immersive escape games. Our Leicester location features a sprawling 6,000 square feet of detailed sets and intricately designed experiences that offer an escape room experience like no other. 

Each set transports you to a different world, filled with apprehension, intrigue and dilemma. Behind each door, you’ll find a mysterious space full of mind-bending puzzles, cranium straining codes and hidden areas that will transport you further down the rabbit hole.

With just 60 minutes on the clock, time is against you and your team as you battle to break free of an escape room that threatens to encase you forever. To succeed, you’ll need to draw upon communication and problem-solving skills, keep a cool head and remain focused to separate the genuine leads from the distractions. Remember, not every clue is there to help you, and each room wants to keep you there. 


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