Escapologic Leicester New Escape Rooms Now Open

An Escape room experience second to none

Welcome to the madness! As you descend you begin to feel the delirium and suspense that surrounds our escape games, notorious for being filled with darkness and mystery.

With over 6000 square feet of intricately designed spaces, each escape room offers an experience yet to be matched, creating the feeling of being transported into another world. When you enter our world, you’re greeted with a setting like no other, making you feel like you’ve stepped out of this life and into another; filled with apprehension, excitement and dilemma.

Live the Experience – Escape the Room if you can

But which experience do you want to live? If it’s action and thrills you desire, we create a suspenseful scene, or if curiosity and inquisition is more to your taste, our mind bending puzzles will leave you perplexed and bewildered for a long time to come. Although, with just 60 minutes on the clock, it’s imperative to keep your head, stay focused and most importantly, escape!

However, you’ll need to keep a keen eye when it comes to problem solving, you will be dismayed, distracted and disillusioned when it comes to finding answers, as not every action leads to a solution. There will be distractions and diversions as you begin to progress, and only you and your crack team will be able to decipher them.

Escapologic - Leicester's Rooms 'You really feel the tension building!'

Pricelist & Opening Times

Off Peak Prices

Monday - Thursday
11:30 - 20:30

2 People - £20 per Person
3 People - £19 per Person
4 People - £17.5 per Person
5 People - £16 per Person

Peak Prices

Friday & Saturday
10:00 - 20:30

10:00 - 19:00

2 People - £25 per Person
3 People - £23 per Person
4 People - £21 per Person
5 People - £20 per Person

Creating an Immersive Experience, you won’t forget

The intention of our escape games is to offer an experience filled with depth and immersion, and the narrative is one of the key ways in which we do this. Not only do the rooms speak for themselves, but the clues and characters you encounter, instantly strike emotions from fear to intrigue, into your heart.

But when the lock is bolted and the door is shut, it’s escaping that’s your job, and you never know the true intentions of our characters. Whether it be betrayal or bemusement, it might not be long until you’re on the wrong path and only then, you will find out.

The hundreds of teams, groups of friends, and couples who have tried to beat these games believe they're the most immersive escape rooms on offer and we're confident you will agree. Although whether you get out or not, is up to you!

Escapologic, the best escape room experience you will ever have. Call us today on 0116 4161 166.

Escapologic Leicester

2B St. Martins,
LE1 5DB,
England, UK
0116 4161 166

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