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Escapologic® take virtual escape rooms to the next level. Thanks to our high-tech, immersive avatar that places you inside the online escape room, you’ll feel as though you’re right there - all from the comfort of your own home!


Grab a cuppa, assemble your team and prepare to face our challenging escape rooms from your armchair. Watch our short video and read about all you need to know below! 

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Up to 3 Connections £70.00
Up to 4 Connections £80.00
Up to 5 Connections £90.00
How it works

  • What is Escapologic® online?

Escapologic® Online brings the interactivity and immersion of our celebrated escape room experiences straight into your home. 

We use two platforms to host our online escape games; Zoom and Telescape (we’ll tell you more about that shortly). Once your team gathers in a Zoom call, one of our friendly Games Masters will greet you, explain a short brief of how the game works, make you comfortable and set you up with your avatar.

  • What is an avatar?

Your avatar is a real person placed inside an escape room. Using a high-quality camera feed, you can see what they see and hear what they hear. They’re there to act as your hands, eyes, and ears.

You can communicate with your avatar, telling them what to do, where to look, where to go and what to pick up. Your Avatar isn't the only way to interact with the room and solve puzzles; you'll also be taking stock of essential items and objects inside the room through Telescape.


  • What is Telescape?

Telescape is a state of the art browser-based inventory system that keeps track of puzzle pieces and information you've gathered throughout the game. These pieces are added to the system automatically once you've found them, so you don't need to worry about forgetting about anything!

What’s more, if your avatar is looking at one area of the room and a team member wants to work on something else, they can browse the Telescape inventory system and re-read documents or look at a 360-degree panoramic image of the room for puzzles and clues.

While the Avatar is your primary way of exploring and interacting with the room, Telescape allows for an additional option of navigation and puzzle-solving.


  • Getting set up

We recommend playing Escapologic Online on a PC or Laptop and splitting your screen to hold both Zoom and Telescape for the best experience. If you're unsure how to do this, we provide some helpful video explanations in your booking confirmation to help you get set up. 

You can also use two devices to run Zoom and Telescape separately. However, we do not recommend using a single mobile device to run both platforms at once; Telescape isn’t designed for this and will cause disruptions to your game.

Some games contain flashing images or strobe effects which you can turn off upon request.


You'll find a video above, which should clear up any further questions, but don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any more!

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